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REVO upgrade

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Who here has a REVO chip?
Are they available for the passats?

When you get a flash program on a chip, is that going to be compromised when the dealership checks your system?
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You mean an APR chip? :p
e-andree, is there a REVO dealer near Frederick? Dealer can still tell if you are chipped. I've heard good things about REVO. I have GIAC and the socket. Never switched. The dealer is pretty mod friendly.
the only way a dealer can tell if you're chipped on cloaked programs is if you've got a boost guage and they take it for a test spin to see if it boosts above normal levels.

other than that, the 1552 just spits out the ID info that's already on the chip and it doesn't say that its been modified at all.

unless they've got a bosch technician there who'll copy your ecu program and check it line by line to see if there's any changes in the software. but what are the chances of that?

and to answer the question... go with APR or GIAC. :thumbup:
cant help much here, but the sales manager of my dealership swears by the REVO. I had him install the Wett chip for me and he wasnt a believer until he drove my car.

Maybe you can find a mod friendly dealer in your area, thats one good thing about my dealership, they know about chips and the 1.8T. My buddy brought his car in for a coilpack problem and the techs even asked if his car was chipped.
RevoTechnik isn't actually a chip. It's actually an ECU program that's flashed through the OBDII port on your VW/Audi. GIAC and APR have now started direct-porting ECU upgrades using this method.

The closest RevoTechnik tuner in the DC Metro Area is a really good shop in the Gaithersburg Airpark called Pro-Imports. Those guys do excellent work and I know quite a few Audi drivers who swear by their work and the REVO ECU program.

Here's the link to the RevoTechnik Website for more information.
Yeah, I knew about Pro-imports...but not much about this new upgrade from REVO.

I have a mod friendly dealer....was just wondering if there was any way that they could wipe out the upgrade at the dealership.

Im getting close to my warranty ending no problems there.
I have the REVO upgrade and the dealer CAN TELL you have it. But remeber they have to prove what ever failed - if anything - is a direct result of the reprograming of your ECU.

I have had the upgrade for about 3 months - 15,000 miles - and it is great. If you go with the upgrade, make sure you have a boost gauge and an aftermarket DV. My program runs upward of 18-20 PSI so you will want to keep an eye on the entire system.

REVO = Smile on you face. :D
I got the Revo Chip too...having it for about 10000 miles and 6 months.
It is good...crusing 20 psi around on highway...
I can hold 22~24 psi if I give a little bit more gas.
I think Revo only carry beta version for b5.5 1.8T.
They said the real version may come up later in the Fall.
The only problem I've found from this program,
which is the boost won't hold if you are trying to drag race with people.
Which means whenever you floor the gas pedal.
It only holds 10~12psi in 1st and 2nd gear.
In 3rd,4th, holds 12~15psi...
Don't ask me why...this is the way how this program is setup as I know.
The 1st and 2nd gear hold less boost than 3rd,4th&5th.

I got the Forge 007 DV, N75 "J" valve and K&N filter.
I think it can perform better but don't know why I am still loosing boost when I drag.
Go check with other people who has it...
Revo is good program...I like it as hell...
and I do recommend it if you have warranty...
the on/off controller is very useful.
Good luck.

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I just pulled a emissions code for a guy w/ a 1.8T (A golf I think, I don't know one of those small ones). He just got revo port programming, and a new downpipe. Threw a code on him after 1500 miles, emissions related, I can find out what it was if anyone cares.

Nice pull though... :D
Revo is the hot one in the UK at the moment, all the car mags are checking them out, only available for drive by wire b5's from 2000 onwards though.

They seem to be the ones to go for especially if your a track day fanatic as the higher spec version gives you a switch (that plugs into the diagnostic port) that you can actually use to tune the car to your specifics, so if you were going on a track day and were using a higher spec fuel you can adjust the boost and timing settings to take full advantage of the fuel, i think they are working on one that you can use a laptop to tune your car with aswell. (it has inbulit safety settings so you cannot go beyond the limits of the engine).

They have an immoboliser setting to, which can be used to lock the ecu, so that any thieving buggers cannot drive your car away.

Pretty expensive for the top programs but well worth it from the reviews they have been getting here in the UK
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I have Revo on my B5.5 and if u have the DC ECU,the file is ready to be flashed on ur car.It pulls great (25-26psi top, at mid rpm and 13-14 psi at 6500rpm).And no,the dealer cannot prove u r chipped whenever u set the "stock".Even though I have a boost gauge,they cannot see more than 11-12 psi.Car has to be driven carefully because spins in 1st to 4th gear.General impression? :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :heart: REVO
I hate to say it but the dealer CAN TELL you have this software. If you have a VAG-COM, you can see it too. If you scan the ECU and look on the VAG-COM display it will give away the fact that the ECU has been flashed. It is listed under the EXTRA: heading.

Understand that it is not illegal nor does uploading the software instanlty void your warranty. Also the only way to wipe out the software would be if the dealer re-flashed your ECU with the stock program. Highly unlikely.
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