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Hi I am Richard from Québec
It had been a long time since I had actually logged in to the forum and so I had forgotten my password and when I attempted to retrieve the password my profile was set with an email account I do not have anymore.
So here I am with a new user ID !
I have a 2004 B5,5 wagon with 5 speed manual and 1,8T engine. The car still runs great as a daily driver with 401,000 kms (250k miles). It has been driven mostly on highway.It has been dealer maintained since bought in 2008 as a certified pure from a VW dealer at 50,000 kms. No major problems with car except for regular maintenance, the odd misfire and a few coil pack changes over the years.It still appears that the coil packs don't enjoy -30C start ups. I have had VWs (Golfs,Jetta) for the past 40 years and the Passat is turning out to be one of our best cars yet.This car is unbeatable in winter conditions shod with Nokian Hakka studded tires, snow or ice covered 12% grades we have around here are not a problem climbing, just be careful on way down !
Curious to find members that live close by.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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