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Does anyone know a good aftermarked HID kit for B6?
Yes i know it is not legal etc :) just the price for original bixenon lamps seems very high in main.. and the standard halogen is just not good enough, even with new clean lenses..

want to upgrade low beam, but i really dont know what best buy?
i know there is about a milion thread about this out there, but anyway would be nice to know what better buy in 2017.

I tryed a kit the other day, a 35w 4300k with standard "non slim" ballast.this suposed to be a good quality kit.
Just the problem is that kit seems to need a little to high amp for ignite at cold, so usually either the left or right fires up only..
so need about 10 times on and of with the switch to get both warm enought to fire.. so in main not ideal.. :)
and yes i set drl to 100percent, and anyway it was same with lightswitch to ON also.

I know best to use relays, but would prefer have "bulb out" warning if one light die or smth.
Also it seems it is not possible to code "bulb out warning" with vcds, so would anyway have this warning message all time. (i dont have VAS :( )

So i wonder it there is any kit who work without relays?
or if there actually is any h7 LED bulbs who is good enough for low beam now?

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I just installed a set of "Innovitive" 35 watt HIDs - the 6000K version. I love them - one of the best additions I've made to my Passat. I am not using any relays in my setup - the lights (ballasts) are connected directly to my headlight connectors.

The problems you're having are related to not setting "Xenons - without shutter" (Central Electronics > long coding > Byte 03 > select Bit 4) using OBDeleven or Vag-Com. More info here:

Before I made this change, the lights flickered as DRLs, high beams didn't work, and my passenger-side buld only started and ran for a few seconds before causing faults.
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