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Requesting donations for switchblade keys...

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Hey I know this is probably a very strange request but I am looking to see if anyone has just the switchblade part of their key they would like to donate for a little experiment. Not the controller but just the key side. You can cut the key in half if you have any security concerns at all. I'm asking for this donation in follow up to this post:

I'm trying to integrate a remote start and alarm into a keyfob and unfortunately I still don't have my switchblade key or my passat to experiment with so that's why I'm asking everyone else for a little help if anyone's is interested. I'd be more then glad to give you credit or pay whatever anyone is asking for but I don't really want to spend any more money on this little project, especially if it doesn't work. TIA!

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After the crappy luck you had with your car, I would help ya if I had any spare keys to give...come on guys, someone must have a wrecked car with a key...

free bump! :thumbup:

Thanks for the bump. I'm not looking to steal a car so you can cut the key in half. I'm even willing to give up some more money if necessary. I'm just trying to work out a way to combine an alarm and remote start into one keyfob. As soon as I can confirm that this will all work I'll be more then glad to share my info. BTW I'm still working on a way for the guys that have factory immobilizers in their cars...

PS... I still don't have my car back and its still sitting outside at the bodyshop waiting for Progressive to get off their ass and decide to fix it or total it... :cry:
Can you clarify what part of the key you are talking about. I might have what you are looking for. I just converted my girlfriend's banjo key to switchblade type. If you are looking for the metal part that came out of the used switchblade, I am sure that I can scrounge it up somewhere. I can't amke any promises, but I will search for it.

Thad. :D
That is exactly what I am looking for. The switchblade key can be seperated and I'm looking for the part that the switchblade is, not the key controller part. I don't have my switchblade key or I'd take some pictures.
I'd love to see what you're coming up with. I definitely want to see pics when you're done!

Paul :thumbup:
I'd love to see what you're coming up with. I definitely want to see pics when you're done!
me too

As I undersand you want to replace the physical key part in an aftermarket switchblabe type key/controller with a VW on just to check it will fit the controller?

I don't have a key to spare, but I think it might help you get one if people to understand what exactly you need to do with what you're asking for.
That's what I'm doing. I've invested about $100 into this little experiment so far and I'm planning on investing more but I do want to be careful about how much more I spend. Its kinda tough to do all this without my VW... :cry:
I don't have one to donate... as a matter of fact the piece of metal that hooks to a key chain is broke on mine! But anyways, if you can't find one, you can buy the whole assembly on ebay for like $20.
Hey man, if you are still looking for the key part, I just bought two switchblades off ebay, when I get em in and go down to the dealer to get the replaced and all that wonderful expensive stuff, I'll see if I can keep the old keys.

hey, ive got at least one, maybee 2 Whole cases with the key still inside..
both for the new, and old type switchblade.....

only reply to my email, [email protected]
please keep it short and sweet on the email, as it cuts the caracter
length to about 150...(goes to my cellphone)

anywho, whatcha doin? makin a proximity sensor door release fer yer car? (ala-pheaton?)
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