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Reputable service shop in Chicagoland?

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Can anyone recommend a reputable service shop in the Chicago area (preferable the west/nw suburbs)?
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Well, there's Liberty VW, a Club B5 sponsor and "mod-friendly" dealership. There's also dubwerks. I've heard good things about them.


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Liberty VW and Dubwerks are the favs amongst us Chitown-land CB5ers. Both are in the Libertyville area (far enough north for you?). Than there is Moto Persona in Lombard which I read/hear more about from the Audi folks ...

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Sorry to say...but Motopersona is closed...they shut their doors a month or two ago. If you wanna go APR, you'll have to hit up GRD. I believe Fall-Line Motorsports also has an account with awe-tuning, if you want any of that stuff, even though they are more of a BMW shop. For basic maintenance, there is also a shop down by Wrigleyville. I forget the guy's name, but you can do a search on vortex.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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