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Owner of a 2012 SE. Posted a thread a while back about the lower portion of my driver's seat (V-Tex) developing some spider cracking. I did some minor repair work with Magic Mender and it actually turned out pretty good, but I was able to find the lower half of a driver's seat (cushion, with V-Tex cover already installed) in like-new condition.

Can anyone with experience tell me which will be easier: 1.) Replace just the old V-Tex cover on my original seat with the new V-Tex cover or 2.) Replace my original cushion/cover with the new cushion/cover. Also, if anyone has any helpful hints and/or pics/video links I would be most grateful.

Either way I assume I will have to remove the seat from the car, which appears to pretty simple. If replacing the whole lower seat (cushion and cover) isn't any more challenging than just peeling off the old V-Tex and putting the new one back on my old seat I would prefer to install the new cushion as well. I would do a happy dance if someone tells me I don't even have to remove the seat from the car to swap out the whole cushion, but I bet that just isn't an option.

I have a friend who restores Mustangs as a hobby and he would probably be able to help me with this. If not, any idea what an auto upholstery shop might charge to do this? There are also a couple of very reputable car stereo installation shops nearby who also install seat heaters, remote starters, etc. that might also be able to do this for me since installing seat heaters involves removing the old upholstery and reinstalling it over a heating grid. I would imagine they also could do my job for me.

Suggestions, input? Thanks!
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