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okay. here is the thing. my original trunk were destroyed by a tree branch a year ago. and i happen to have another passat parting out at that time... so i just swap the trunk lid from that one.
it was yesterday, i left my remote at my office, and i had to use the spare key to drive my car to a shopping mall. and that was when this tragedy happened. i couldn't open my trunk with my key!
then i realized this. how stupid i was... i didn't put the original lock back in when i swapped the trunk lid. i use remote and center control to open almost all the time. so i didnt find this out until yesterday.
now that original lock is gone.

its not a huge problem, but how am i gonna fix this. buy a new lock? or just reprogram the lock (i wouldn't be surprised if i can't). any idea?

oh another little thing, i can't find the rear towing hook on my car. it should be at the bottom of the spare tire well right? its not there. any idea on this.

thanks guys!
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