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2014 VW Passat SE, 1.8L Turbocharged Gas Engine, 75K Miles
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A few months ago my ex-wife bought a 2014 Passat SE, 1.8L Turbo Gas engine. It was a salvage title - had been wrecked but repaired. Everything was ok with it. Has 75K miles.
About a month ago, her radiator (or turbo-charger cooler) sprang a leak. I am always helping her with things, and neither one of us can afford a mechanic - nor do I know one locally I can trust, after a couple of bad experiences.
My brother (67 yrs old) was an ASE mechanic - about 30 years ago. He's helped me (and her) in the past with mechanical issues, but his age is showing and his skills - while much better than mine - are, shall we say, a little behind.
Anyway - we figured out how to change the radiator and the turbo-charger cooler (after taking apart the whole front end!). In the process, the condenser got accidently punctured, so we replaced that as well.
We put it all back together. However, she had (previous to these repairs) had a severe noise when running the A/C. Turned out to be the fan at the radiator. SO we took it all apart again, replaced the entire fan assembly. But when we plugged it up, the fans came on immediately.
I should note that (a) we neglected to disconnect the battery before we did all this, and (b) the only electrical parts we disconnected were the front impact sensors (at least I believe that's what they were), the fans, and the headlights. All have been reconnected.
We've had a lot of trouble re-installing the bumper cover, and through negligence on a test-drive destroyed the fender liners. Ordered new ones and replaced. However, I'm going to wind up at a body shop with it in the end, as the difficulties in putting it all back correctly seem beyond my brother (who was never a body guy).
That being said. I purchased a service manual for the car - over 9000 pages. But it mainly covers "remove and replace". Not much on troubleshooting.
After a conversation with a supposed ASE mechanic on "JustAnswer", we tried to reset the computer by connecting the battery cables together (disconnected from battery, of course). This helped clear some of the fault indicators, but there are still 2 lit (Airbags and Light). I imagine I'll have to take it to a VW dealer for the airbag reset.
However, I cannot return it to my ex until we fix this fan problem. The ambient temperature on the dash reads 110 degrees. It's hot in Texas, but not THAT hot. The JustAnswer mechanic told me that was the default reading for the sensor, meaning it had a problem - AND that that was probably why the fans kept running. We went looking for it to see if it was disconnected - and have yet to find it. EVERYTHING tells me it's in front of the condenser - but there's nothing there. And after a lot of online reading, I'm no longer convinced that has anything to do with the fans.
I should note that a code reader says "No DTC codes". So nothing to follow up on there.

I know this is long winded, but wanted to provide as much information as possible - I'm sorry if it's overly detailed and long. Bottom line, I need any help that may be available. I've read some things about this on here, but none of the solutions worked. We did unplug the coolant sensor at the radiator, but the fans continued to run anyway.

Thank you - anyone - for any help you may provide!
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