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I replaced my starter. Removed two connectors on the oil pan to allow the removal. Disconnected the battery prior to the task for two days. When I completed the replacement the vehicle started fine. I didn’t drive it but let it run for 20 minutes. Shut down the car and tried to start it and it failed. I replaced the battery since it was the original 11 year old battery. Car started fine now but stack in limp mode. Could one of the two connectors have anything to do with this like bad connection?

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Additionally here are the codes I get using a BlueDriver scanner
Oct 14, 2018 15:55
VIN Saved From Previous Scan
Make: Volkswagen Year: 2007
----Confirmed Trouble Codes Scan Report---- 1 Confirmed Trouble Codes Trouble Codes: 1. P0753
Shift Solenoid "A" Electrical
----Pending Trouble Codes Scan Report---- 3 Pending Trouble Codes Trouble Codes: 1. P0100
Mass or Volume Air Flow Sensor "A" Circuit
2. P0753
Shift Solenoid "A" Electrical
3. P0748
Pressure Control Solenoid "A" Electrical
----Permanent Trouble Codes Scan Report---- 0 Permanent Trouble Codes Trouble Codes:
----Airbag Codes Scan Report----
1 Airbag Trouble Codes:
1. P06CB
Cylinder 7 Glow Plug Incorrect (1739)
----Brakes Codes Scan Report----
1 Brakes Trouble Codes:
1. P0522
Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Break in wiring / short circuit to positive (1314)

----Central Module Comfort System Codes Scan Report---- 1 Central Module Comfort System Trouble Codes:
1. P0380
Glow Plug/Heater (Q6) Circuit: Malfunction (896)
----Door Electronics Driver Side Codes Scan Report----
1 Door Electronics Driver Side Trouble Codes:
1. P006D
Barometric Pressure-Turbo/Supercharger Inlet Pressure Corr. (109)
----Parking Brake Codes Scan Report----
1 Parking Brake Trouble Codes:
1. P0523
Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch "A" High (1315)
----Radio Tuner - Digital Codes Scan Report---- 1 Radio Tuner - Digital Trouble Codes:
1. P0A4B
Generator Position Sensor Circuit (2635)
----Transmission Control Module Codes Scan Report---- 3 Transmission Control Module Trouble Codes:
1. P0102
Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF/G70): Signal too Low (258)
2. P0268
Solenoid Valve 6 (N93): Open or Short to Ground (268)
3. P1314
Engine Control Module: No Communications (1314)
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