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Removing rear badge

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I just finished painting my engine covers, and I'm going to remove the rear badge to "paint" the gray area. My question is (with the right amount of coverage over the trunk) can that area be painted with a spray can or do I need to purchase black touch up paint?
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Do you have pics of your engine covers? I want to paint mine but don't know what prep to do to ensure my paint will stick.

It's easy. First CLEAN...CLEAN...CLEAN...CLEAN...CLEAN. Did I mention...CLEAN THOSE COVERS. Next, take 680 sand paper and lightly sand the surfaces. After you've gotten them good and sanded (no need to sand hard...lightly...very light), CLEAN...CLEAN...CLEAN.

Next, spread them out on the ground. old sheet..whatever you have. You want to then lightly spray them. Don't get to close, and don't try to paint them completely on the first run. Spray them, let them dry, and spray again. I did mine over an entire day. Just going back every couple of hours, hitting them with the can, and going back in.

Oh, one more thing, you need to purchase HIGH TEMPERATURE spray. I bought mine at Western Auto for $4.99 a can. Worked wonderfully. Any other question, PM me.
for the rear badge, you can either try and take some floss and get behind it, or pry it off with a screwdriver, the whole thing comes off.. not just the vw emblem. once that's off, the VW part is kinda plastic-riveted to the gray part, just get a drill bit and drill out the rivets, separate the gray part, and paint it.

id suggest a spray rather than a touch up paint. Rough up the plastic with some fine (maybe 320 grit sandpaper). I used krylon fusion on mine, then hit it with like 3 coats of rust-oleum clear gloss sealant.

i wouldnt try to paint it on the car... btw- you are talking about the trunk emblem, right? :lol:
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