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Hi Everyone,

My B5.5 V6 4motion sedan has a wobbly front drivers side wheel. I suspected the tie rod end and replaced that but soon discovered that a control arm bushing was shot also.

In doing my research before replacing this Forward Drivers Side Rear Control Arm (yes that is a mouthful) i have read that it is a pain to remove the bolt securing the control arm. This is because there is not enough clearance to pull the bolt all the way out.

This leaves you with two options.
1. Drop the front subframe slightly. Until you have enough wiggle room to remove the bolt. This is not ideal because the subframe bots are stretch bolts and are meant to be used once. It is difficult to find replacements for these bolts. Because of this i am hesitant to crack them loose.

2. Cut the long bolt. This option sounds nice and easy... but the natural next question is... how hard is it to fit in the new bolt? Is it possible to remove the old bolt by cutting and then fit in the new bolt by tapping it with a hammer?

If anyone that has done this could weigh in i would really appreciate it. Should i be worried about loosening the stretch bolt for the subframe? And can i cut and replace the bolt for the control arm?
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