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Rear Motor Mounts: Questions

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Does any one know if their is a pollyurethene mounts for the rear left and right ?

Iver Read about others using the V6 Rear mounts But is it really better Performance wise ?

and whats all the talk about tranny mounts i have a 1.8t does this apply
id like to change all mounts while im in their ?

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I have not seen any poly engine mounts for Passats but why would you want them anyway. your car would vibrate like hell, if you did have a set of these I would not want to ride with you.

The rationale behind the V6 Engine mounts are that they are made of denser material since the V6 is heavier and make more torque. (stock)

I would make this suggesestion to you. If you can get your hands on some engine mount from a eurospec V6 TDI I am willing to bet that they are stronger than the ones on a gas V6, since diesels usually make more torque they would need denser engine mounts maybe one of our Euro :b5: member can confirm this for me.
HMMM, Interesting,

Verrry Interesting

Euro V6 tdi mounts seems the way to go

Thanks, Phantom GLI
ok guy at autotech say a vr6 tdi rear mount wont fit

but the doo sell a hd type of rear motor mounts
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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