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Hello. The rear main crankshaft seal was replaced past Friday on 2010 Passat with DSG transmission. I haven't had a chance to drive the car until today (wife's car) and noticed a few things.

1. When car is in park and I push the gas pedal (quickly for a fraction of a second), the rpms go up to 4K and come down really sloooooooowly.
2. There is slight whining sound during the rev-up, that was not there before the rear seal replacement.
3. When downshifting manually, the rpms again go down really slowly. Before, the DSG transmission would drop rpms in a fraction of a second.

Now, the car drives okay, but the engine does sound different (harsher). I wonder if performing VAG COM DSG reset would help. Here is video of quick pedal blip that shows revs holding ....

thanksfor any suggestions.

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