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Hello everyone!

Car is a 2008 VW Passat sedan. I had noticed a week or so ago that my rear driver's side door was not locking, and the window was not responding. Here's what I've attempted thus far:

  • Took door panel off and visually inspected, didn't find anything
  • Checked the 30A fuse for the rear door function control modules (#23). No issue.
  • Took off rubber wire cover between door and car, inspected wires and connectors. Everything seems fine. (photos attached)
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The rear passenger side door functions normally, so it's specifically this door. My tweeters and speaker in this door are both still functioning, so it seems the wires are fine and power is reaching. But the door lock, window, and the illumination on the lock/unlock display are not working. They aren't working from this door or from the driver side controls, and locking doesn't work from the door, the fob, or the drivers side controls either. The display in the dash that shows doors open also does not show this door as open when it is open:
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This leads me to believe there's a specific part in this door that has failed. I can also lock the car, but still open this door, even with the alarm set. It's as if the door doesn't exist to the car. I was able to manually lock the door for now using the emergency key and the slot in the door jam. Is there a particular part that might cause this specific issue? Thanks in advance!

- Brandon

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If you've got power to the door, then the likely culprit is the door control module itself. To test that out, you'll need to pull the door panel and inspect.
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