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Rear Belly Pan Flapping In The Wind

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I was driving on the freeway last weekend and suddenly hear a loud thumping/flapping sound coming from the rear of my Variant. I pulled over and the rear hatch was latched, but not totally tight. I reclosed it, thinking I had figured the problem out. I get up to speed on the freeway and it starts again. I pull over again and start looking for something else that could be causing the problem. I looked underneath and apparently two of the three bolts that hold a circular belly pan-looking piece are off and that circular piece had been catching wind, bending down and scrapping on the ground. Are those bolts available at the dealership or is it something that I could get at a local auto parts store? I've never had issues with bolts, so I am not sure if anyone would even carry little stuff like that.
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Available at the dealer. Expensive (~$12) and typically installed incorrectly. Use zip ties in the meantime.
Why does the $12 price tag not suprise me? Is this something that could be picked up at a local hardware store? I'd really rather not pay $24 for two nuts. Maybe the zip ties will do for now...
If you are going to spend 24 on the fasteners then you mights as well make it 30 plus shipping and order a full set from then you will be prepared the next time then accidentally fall out.

I think we should be able to modify those fastener by safety wiring them oin place or may be a little blue loctite. I appears to me that the fastener rely on gravity to help keep them in place which is not all the great.
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