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The Garage is for asking for help that you would need if you were actually working on your actual car in your actual garage.

You don't have to be DIY, but topics here should be as if you were turning wrenches (or splicing wires, or painting a panel, or welding a bracket, or whatever).

Garage Topics:

"How do I install the oil fitting on the Big Turbo I bought?"
"I have a low oil pressure light and suspect sludge"
"How do I get the &$%$ bolt out of the front shock assy?"
"My car won't start..."

NOT Garage Topics:

"Which Turbo?"
"Which Oil?"
"What's the best/Where do I get Suspension?"
"Blankety-blank dealer screwed me"
"Is it bad if I...?"

A concise, problem-oriented title will get you the fastest response. I, for one, usually ignore titles like "Help, me, PLEASE..." :rolleye:

As always, be courteous to other members and:

1) try "Search" and "Info Forum" first
2) include details about the year and type of Passat you have, including any relevant info you know (engine code, modifications potentially affecting said problem). Remember, if you're the one asking for advice, then the burden is on you to help people with your info up front--don't force others to ask for it in subsequent posts.

If more clarification is needed, here are the original Garage Guidelines for Posting.

Inappropriate threads may be moved or deleted without notice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.