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Radio doesn't fit after double-din conversion!!

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I did the double-din conversion to my '98, but now I can't put the radio in the top slot because it hits the ducting for the center air vent. I need about an inch more of clearance. Anyone figure out a way to get a stereo to fit in the upper slot?? :???:
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I have. What you can do is use a heat gun and heat up the plastic duct back there. Once its soft and pliable use a piece of wood to push it back as far as you need to. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLASTIC WITH YOUR BARE HANDS!!! You will need to hold the wood in place for a period of time so maybe prepare a way to brace it. The plastic will then be shaped how you like.

Just for the heck of it but check to see that your problem isn't with the wiring back there hitting the DD frame piece. I know its a tight space back there but I've gotten my Kenwood and my indash screen to fit back there. If you have a pocket below the radio first put the radio in then pull the wires down and put the pocket in. It may be tough but trust me it works.
Weird. I did the conversion in my 99 and put my Alpine IVA-C801 in the top slot and not my Alpine DVA-5200 is in the top slot and they both fit with no problems. Is this a 98 only issue?

Paul :thumbup:
Thanks for the replies. I'll have to dig up a heat gun or just live with it in the middle slot. I did try it before I wired it up, so it's not a wire issue. I thought about using my Dremel to grind a hole in the duct, then trying to re-form the ducting.
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