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I've decided to sell me original VW Gamma Radio now that I have retrofitted the VW MFD Sat Nav Radio. However, I've already posted the radio and the buyer is requesting the radio code which I cannot find anywhere. I have never needed the radio code myself, despite disconnecting the battery/radio many many times, so I assumed it may not have one when I sold it.

I've called around many dealers (15 or so), including the one which was able to provide me with the code for my MFD radio over the phone, however they all say that they require me to bring the vehicle and the radio in (which is not possible as the buyer has the Radio). Adding to this, they all charge a fee for the service apart from one dealer.

Before I go ahead and purchase the service from an eBay seller for £8 (I only sold the radio for £10 on eBay!), I was wondering if there was any kind member who may be able to retrieve my code from the serial number please?

The radio serial is: VWZ1Z3X2460155

Thanks in advance,
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