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radar detector idea

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i was wondering if it were possible to wire a radar detector to a l.e.d. bar or sumpthin of that sort, so when im listenin to my system i can be able to see when it goes off???? i was thinking of using that l.e.d. wire and lining my instrument cluster with it.
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Do this.
cheers :beer:
thanx bro :thumbup:
Ooo, I used my V1 in Canada, I had it mounted below the windscreen wiper on a Jeep Grand Cherokee because I wasn't sure if it was legal.
Woah, that installation is simply awesome!!!
Holy shit that is cool, how much is one of those?
They're $300.00
damn... 400(radar new) + 30(concealed display on ebay) + 300(mirror) equals really expensive(730).... i guess it's good for VA and such, glad i only ride b/w florida and NC most of the time.
What I don't understand about that setup is that you need to have your V1 up on your windshield anyway!!! If you do decide to 'hide' it in the corner of the windshield or something, you ruin it's forward sensitivity and practically eliminate its ability to detect rear radar and certainly laser.....what's the use? Am I missing something? The mirror setup is cool. As for installing LED's....once agin, why? The unit has LED's. Why mess w/ it unless you can totally conceal it?


steve :crazy:
You have to follow the link that's at the bottom of the page for detailed install instructions. That page is quite slow but I think it would work well once implemented. Again, this is for people that want (read: need) detectors but can't have them. I don't think VDUB fits these requirements but one should never quash a mod challenge.
cheers :beer:
Since when are Radar Detectors illegal in Canada...?
I've had one for years. They're totally legal here.

Jimmy :)
well they sure as hell are illegal in the ontario region, when i cross the border the guard always reminds me to turn it off (mines hardwired) :roll:
yep, you're right.
I did a bit of research, and they are illegal in Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba.

come on out to BC... no problem here.

Jimmy :)
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