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We have a local Superbike racer that is a good friend of mine who is racing for Charity. His team FTF Racing is a great team and does allot for the racing community. I would like to put Clubb5 on the Bike as well as the trailer to get some more support for the website as well as Liberty. I will post both links for paypal and the FTF racing website for you to check with. Even if every member only gives a dollar its a huge help for everyone.

I dont expect everyone to donate, but just remember, I dont ask for favors very often and when I do, they are always for a good cause... :wink:

Donate Link:

When donating, please mention Clubb5 so they know where it is comming from.

P.S. Check out the raffles i'm currently selling tickets for on my website located on the NEWS page. Spread the word !!!!!

Thanks for your consideration from Don, Myself and FTF Racing
1 - 6 of 6 Posts