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So I'm like getting way too much free time on my hands and I don't really think anybody here cares, but eh I'mma post anyways. This is as close to chronological as I can get it. TL;DR at the end of this post.

My dad wouldn't let me get my license unless I learned how to drive a manual. So when I was 14, my dad drove me to the local high school parking lot, put me in the driver's seat of his truck, and turned me loose.
That old 1997 F-150 has been replaced, but we still have it. He bought it as a salvage vehicle, rebuilt it, and beat the ever-loving hell out of it for the next 10 years. And it STILL runs. It has a coolant leak and a broken power steering line, but it still runs.

When I finally got my license at 16, my aunt gave me her old car. I hated that thing, and honestly, I don't know why. Looking back I abused the hell out of that thing, and it just wouldn't die. That's Hondas, for you.
After about 2 years, I accidentally let her run dry and blew the engine... That was a lesson I wasn't about to forget. Dad made me replace the engine in it. After we put the new motor in it, we sold it.
Btw if anybody knows where I can find a 2001 Honda CR-V SE in Silver for relatively cheap in the US, let me know. I miss that car.

Before we sold the Honda, and even before I blew its engine, I bought an old van that was converted into a camper. Like, old as in it currently more than doubles my age... in hindsight, the only reason I bought it was because it had a V8 with a 4-speed manual transmission.. When I blew up the Honda, I was daily driving this behemoth. It was hysterical, because the thing looks like a big-ass ice cream truck, but sounded like a mud bog truck.
This old 1972 Chevrolet P30 is now sitting without an engine, because the previous owner rebuilt it incorrectly. They put a rod cap on backwards and, as a result, cylinder 5's big-end seized and exploded.
Anyone got a carbureted Chevrolet 350 smallblock sitting around they can part with?

The next addition to the collection was honestly one of the best worst regrets I have. This thing costed way too much as an initial cost, and because of its high mileage, it costed me a fortune in repairs. Though none of the repairs were really difficult, and the engine never needed any work. It was that damned transmission that gave me so much trouble. I drove it back and forth to college for a year, but I think I had the transmission out of it 3 or 4 times in the 2 years that I drove it.
When Ford built this F-150 in 1994, they did everything right from the front bumper to the firewall. It rocks that old bulletproof 300 Inline-6, but it was paired with that junk Mazda M5OD transmission. The synchronizers were notorious for going bad in them, so they'd either start jumping out of gears, or just outright not go in. Now here she sits with a cracked frame and a bad transmission.
(Side note: that newer truck in the background is what replaced the 1997 at the beginning of this post)

After I graduated college, my grandfather bought a new car and gave me his old one. Don't really have much to say about it, other than I blew a tire on the interstate one day swerving around a pothole, and lost control. The cracked bumper and missing grille was all that really happened to it. I continued to drive it for the next year before the inspection sticker went out on it. Wasn't worth fixing so now it's sitting in a scrap yard.
2002 Buick Century

At last, the Tymwagen itself. I bought my first Passat when I got a job inspecting houses, and I was just looking for a beater. I saw it sitting at a dealership in Somerset, PA, and when I took it for a test drive, I fell in love with it. I loved the way it looked with the blackout window tint, it just needed some new wheels (still does...). Of course the Wild and Wonderful state of West by God Virginia forced me to peel the tint off. This car took me halfway across the country and back with no troubles whatsoever. I've since put an aftermarket 3 inch drop kit on it (not pictured), and it looks incredible.. even if it does have steelies on it, still. Besides that, there is no performance upgrades whatsoever (yet). Inside, I haven't done much with it aside from giving it an upgraded sound system, complete with 4 Alpine speakers, a 12 inch Kicker subwoofer, and a pioneer head unit. I left the factory tweeters in, because the Alpine speakers have built-in tweeters, and the factory ones don't sound bad anyways.
$2,000 of parts in a 2003 Passat GL 1.8T that I paid $2,000 for. Worth it? Absolutely.

Does this count as automotive? Eh, sure.
I bought my first motorcycle a couple years ago. Nothing too special, just a 2008 Harley Sportster 1200 Custom. 'MURICA.
I wanted something cheap, since I'd never been on the road on two wheels by myself before. I knew I'd probably lay it down a couple times at a stoplight or something, since I was just learning. I didn't want something so quick that I'd kill myself on it, but holy cow this thing is damn quick, not in the sense of top speed, but more like acceleration. It's no slouch in the long run either. I've had it up to 110, and it still had more to give. (I should shut up before I get in trouble)

Here's my pride and joy, the mythical beast in the flesh. This thing took me over a year to find. I found 3 of them in that time, one was too far away, in Carrolton, TX. One was a little cheaper and way closer, in Philadelphia, PA, but when I called and it was already gone. I found this one just outside Washington, DC, for half the price as the one in Texas. I called and told him I'd be there the next day and I went down and brought her straight home. I have 0 regrets, but I had to immediately replace both front axles, and I still need to replace the camshaft position sensors (codes say only 2, but I'm just going to replace all 4) and the vehicle speed sensor. It is far from perfect, but for the deal I got, I can't really complain too much.

And the newest addition to the collection is this old 1999 Buick LeSabre Limited. Last owner told me the car had sat in her yard for 4 years without running, and the city was threatening to tow it and bill her, so she just wanted it gone. I paid $100 for it and figured I could take it to the scrap yard and make a profit, or at least get my money back. Figured just for giggles, I'd drop a battery under the hood and a gallon of high-octane in the tank and see what would happen. It had to crank for about 20 or so seconds, but it eventually started. Put it in reverse, hit the gas, and it rolled backwards. Hit the brakes, it stopped. Drive, rolled forward. Brakes, stopped. Backed it out of her yard, drove it home. Best $100 I ever spent. Absolutely covered in moss when I bought it, it cleaned up beautifully and the body is in absolute mint condition.

At 14, I learned to drive and learned to drive stick in an old, beat up, salvage truck
Was given a Honda at 16 in high school
Bought a camper at 18
Blew up the Honda
Overpaid for a truck
Put a new engine in the Honda
Sold the Honda
Blew up the camper.
Was given a Buick
Bought my 1.8T Passat
Bought my Harley
Bought my W8 Passat
Bought a second Buick
Scrapped the first Buick
I still have everything except the Honda and the first Buick.
Why am I like this?

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Carrollton is only 15 miles away from me. Not many people start with a 1200 Harley, I started with a 450 Honda. Much lighter, but not as quick.
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