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I'm asking for some guidance on properly removing and installing the items below. I do not want to force or break hard-to-find parts, tabs, new switches, etc. by guessing on how they come off or go back on. Background info is provide at the end of this post. Thank you.

1) The covers and plastic parts surrounding the brake pedal bracket in order to access the cruise-control ventilation valve/switch.

UPDATE 1: There are three covers which I removed without incident: steering shaft/u-joint cover VW# 3A0 419 522 (2 nuts), under dashboard cover VW# 357 863 083 (3 screws), brake-pedal assembly cover VW# 357 819 569 A (3 screws).

2) The cruise-control ventilation valve/switch VW# 811 907 343 B (VW# 1H0 907 343).

UPDATE 1: ETKA (Illustration 907-011) indicates the Passat ventilation valve as part 811 907 343 B (see photo 5, no superseded numbers listed), but the actual part is stamped 1H0 907 343 (blue body color). VW and other retailers currently offer both numbers...I'm confused(?) Perhaps someone on this forum can answer if the 811 part is a design improvement to 1H0.

The issue now is how to remove the ventilation valve without breaking things; it is a very tight-fit area, and the valve is directly above the brake-light switch (see photo 3). The valve is threaded into a snap plug VW# 431 721 283 B which fits in the pedal bracket assembly (see photos 1 and 2). The electrical connector and vacuum hose plug in the back of the valve (see photo 2).

If someone on the forum can advise on how to remove and replace the valve correctly, I will write up a detailed DIY procedure with photos (three of those photos are below). FYI: I depressed the brake pedal in photo 1, therefore the plungers on the two switches are not in contact with the brake-pedal lever; normally, there is no gap.

UPDATE 2: After experimenting with different body and hand positions, I found what is probably the best way to access the valve on a left-side steering wheel Passat B4. I suppose for the right-side steering wheel Passat, it would be the mirror process. When I write up the DIY procedure, I will illustrate.

The valve unscrews to the left (counter clockwise). After unplugging the harness and removing the vacuum hose, you reach up with your right hand and grab the valve body using the thumb and index finger, and then slowly and gently unscrew it. If you manhandle it (like a Fred Flintstone), you risk damaging the brake-lights switch just below it. It's a long thread and takes about 12 plus full turns; you'll twist in quarter turns because the valve has 4 sides and hand movement is limited in the space, so thats about 48 little twists. If your hand gets tired, move it out of the space while you recover so that you don't accidentally rest your hand on the brake-lights switch and put stress on it.

The removed valve is shown in photo 4. I compare it to another valve so you can see one of the problems with my valve.

Here's a wider-angle shot; It's a tight fit for most hands, and it's easy to break things if you try to pull or force parts out.
1H0 907 343.jpg

  • I performed the cruise-control diagnostic; the ventilation valve failed (returned 0 V with the brake pedal in the up position; there is no droop or excess play in the pedal)
  • 1996 Passat (B4) GLS, 2.0L ABA, 01M CLK 4-AT, USA model; VIN indicates my unit rolled off VW's Belgium plant
  • A forum search did not return any results which answered my specific issue
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