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You know the feeling you got when you spotted your future wife / husband.......Same thing happened when I saw this Passat. I have owned VW's for the past 10 years (i'm 32) from Golfs, Jettas, CC's, but the B5.5 passat grandpa has always caught my eye. Long story short, I'm going to look at the car on Friday, which is about 250 miles / 400 km away from me 1 way. Before I pull the trigger, I have a few questions for you experts. BTW, the car is super clean, original owner who took excellent car of it. Car is certified and emission tested, with a 2 year, 15k miles / 24k kms warranty on powertrain, etc.

- It's 2018.... should I buy a car that's 16 years old. My commute to work is 6 miles / 10 kms one way and will not be heavily driven.
- Mileage is 106k miles / 170 kms. Not sure if timing belt has been done yet, dealer is checking it for me. If not, should I get it done asap or wait?
- I can do my own oil changes, spark plugs, brakes, etc...however worried about this being a constant cash cow.
- Should I change my mind? It will be stored in the garage during super cold nights, and I will get the krown rust undercoating treatment.

Any assist would be appreciated.

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