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We just bought the car last Saturday from a private party and the right turn signal goes way to fast. Not just on the dash, the actually bulb flashs at least 5X faster then the left one (which is the correct speed). It is very annoying when it is on there is almost no time between clicks/flashs.
We went to the dealer and they said they fixed it and it worked for about a day and now it is back to the rapid click/flash.
So we called the dealer and they said that their diagnostics team only works during the week, so sometime this week we will take the car to the dealer, but i was wondering if anyone knew what the problem was so when we go to the dealer they dont charge for un-neccesary parts.

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its not the bulb at all..
its the turn signal arm.. i had this problem with my 5.5 ...........

they replaced mine(they said something was wrong with it..)?!?

ask them to check that out...

hope that helps

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