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Pressure Test of Intercooler ducting for P0299

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Here is a pressure testing set-up I came up with to test the intercooler ducting to find a leak for the P0299 code.
I used my radiator tester and just got a 1-1/4' PVC plumbing cap, a 2" coupling and a 1-1/2" coupling from the local hardware store.
I could pressurize it to 10 psi.
Found a leak on the steel end fitting on the connector hose from the turbo down to the crossover tube.
It was worn through at the tab for the retaining spring clip.

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Did you replace the leaking connector/hose with new or used? If new, how much?

If any of my AWM-style (funky-ended, expensive) intercooler hoses/hose ends fail, I'm considering converting (reverting) the whole works to an AEB-style set up with normal hose clamps...with an Apikol SMIC (for the MAP sensor) of course.

edit: Thanks for the data. Yeah for three bills, I'll definitely make that "AEB hose retrograde".
I replaced with new. It was $300.

The ATW and AUG also use the regular clamp on hoses.
it'd be nice if all their cars just used regular clamp hoses.... nope! had to get crafty on us! :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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