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Hello again, First time in a while. I'm looking at a 2014 passat sedan with the 5cyl 2.5l engine, a manual 5spd with 120k miles. It's located over a hundred miles away so I can't just hop in a car and go check it out.

These issues might indicate abuse (or neglect), may I ask for your feedback? I only have external views at the moment and car looks to be in excellent shape from the outside.

a. The pictures I got show the rear wheels very nearly touching the wheel archs. The fronts are fine. When I asked why, the seller said he overloaded his trunk with tile for a home renovation. Both sides are equally collapsed. I'm thinking broken springs. But, what other damage could he have done to the car?

b. Seller informs me that it will only shift into 1st and 2nd and thinks it could be bushings. There's a cable system on this car and I haven't found the shifter assembly part# yet but does that sound plausible?

c. Seller says the CEL is on for an airbag recall that needs to be done.
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