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Power steering pump or hoses problem

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I am having some problems with the power steering of my Passat 2.8 V6 BBG 120000KM. I have done some research and read many posts but I am still confused.

Few days ago I noticed that the power steering is behaving really weird, it was very light when turning at high speed (very dangerous) and then before reaching home it started making some noise, when I accelerate the noise is louder, the same thing happen if I turn the steering left or right. when I stopped the car and checked the reservoir the liquid was foaming.

From the research I have done I understood that there is some air in the circuit. I have performed the VW procedure to remove the air, the power steering is not behaving weird but still really noisy.

I checked the hoses for leaks, I found a very small amount of oil on the input of the pump (hose coming from reservoir) and on return from the rack (just at the connection between the solid hose and soft one, it is visible from the hole of the front left wheel). Water Auto part

I cleaned all hoses and checked again for leaks, I didn't find a single drop.

My oil level is not going down, it was even high. I had to remove some of it.

Note that I bought the car recently so not sure which type of oil is inside.

I have few question if you can help me please:

  • How to check for leaks inside the rack?

  • I know that the leak will be obvious on the pressure side (from pump to rack) but how do you check for a leak on the return hose especially on the intake hose since it's sucking oil which mean it can suck air without leaking oil? I may be completely wrong in my thinking.

  • Can the pump be damaged and allow air in the circuit?

  • The liquid is not foaming like before but I can see some bubbles in the container, not sure if it's normal. How I can be sure that air is still getting in the circuit?

  • The reference of my pump is 8d0 145 156 F but Ecs tuning are showing another one with FX at the end. Are they the same? I found another one with FXKT at the end.

  • From my description, do you suggest me to go for a new pump and new oil?

Thank you in advance.
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Replace the clamps on both ends of the hose from the reservoir to the pump.
Replace the 2 clamps on the hoses that connect to the PS cooler near the bottom driver side of the radiator.

If the oil is dirty, or you think it might be wrong oil a flush might be a good idea.

After replacing the clamps, if the pump is not leaking or noisy, there is probably no reason to replace it.
Here is a photo of the oil that I removed from the reservoir, I don't see any metal inside but isn't it supposed to be green?
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Yes, new fluid is green, looks like your fluid is old and needs to be changed. It is not necessarily the wrong fluid, but just worn out old fluid.

See the pictures of the old and new fluid in this DIY.
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Thank you for the link, It is obvious that my fluid is old, I guess it's 12 years old :)

Regarding the 2 clamps from reservoir to pump, which one exactly you are talking about? I can see 4 of them.

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If you have that layout replace the 4 indicated by red arrows (3 x 16 and 1 x 16A)
Probably a good idea to replace the 2 x 21 and 1 x 21A.
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If you have that layout replace the 4 indicated by red arrows (3 x 16 and 1 x 16A)
Probably a good idea to replace the 2 x 21 and 1 x 21A.
Shall I replace them with the same original VW one use clamps or use the one that I can get in any supermarket and tight using a screwdriver?
I would replace those spring clamps with Norma clamps (what VW uses anyway) which are much better than "any supermarket" clamps. They are stronger and don't cut in the hoses.

NORMA Group - NORMACLAMP™ Hose Clamps
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Very big thanks to all of you, changing the clamps fixed the problem. I will do the flushing this week.

I can't tell you how happy I am. I thought I will spend around $400 and then I fixed it with less than $10 :)

BTW, how bad is the air for the power steering pump? I hope the 2 or 3 days I drove the car with the air in the pump didn't damaged it.
Air in the pump can do major damage fairly quickly, but it seems you got it in time.
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