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This is a strange one. On my 2000 B5, the power door locks (PDL) make a squawking noise every time they try to lock or unlock, which is very annoying.
In looking for clues, I have noticed that the passenger rear and drivers front doors don't lock automatically. For the passenger rear door, I have to push the lock shaft down to lock it and open it from inside. I can lock/unlock the drivers door with the key. So, it seems that those two locks are sticking? I'm not sure what to make of it. It just seemed to start all at once. I've gotten used to it, but it really startles anyone who drives with me. Whenever the car gets up to 10 mph the doors try to lock and they jump when they hear the loud noise. It's also really annoying to not be able to use the remote to lock all of the doors.

Any ideas??
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