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This month, we travel across the pond called the Atlantic Ocean to pull in the POTM for September, 2010. I've been watching this build for a good bit, and I've been amazed and as astounded as you will be once you rest your eyes on this gorgeous hunk of teutonic engineering that's been lovingly massaged by one of our member Brits. Take it away, Pete!

When I picked up the car, I knew I wanted a 4-door saloon. I took wifey along and test drove a few cars. The tdi thing was attractive as it meant lower insurance and cheap to run so at first we test drove a Bora; however, although we liked it, the salesman drew my attention to the Passat. Looking over at the barge, it wasn’t attractive but I gave it a shot. The minute I drove it, I had to have it. It felt solid and had plenty of room for me and my typically oversized friends not to mention future 'pint sized petes', lol. Now even though at the time no one was doing up Passats 5 years ago and there were not alot of parts avaliable I could see serious potential. The Passat is basically a 'poor mans merc'. If you look past the grandad exterior you can see a true bossman car bursting to come out if given the chance.

The car has gone through many changes over the years but has come into its refinement in the last year or so. Being from West London, its not really about building cars to win shows. We build cars the way we do cos its gangster! Put simply, your car is your cred! Some of the latest crazes in the scene at the mo (e.g., Iilluminus wheels and bright retrims) just wo’t cut it in our world as things are alot more serious. What may win a show in scene world, could quite easily get me laughed at in the street in MY WORLD! Not only this, but you need a car for all occasions down here. You need to be able to roll deep one day with your crew, but then be able to take your mum to church on Sunday. Quite simply put there was only one way this car was gonna look and that was GANGSTER end of!! First things were the wheels. I went with the Ascaris as serious dish is swish in these streets!

Ain’t nothing like rolling around on dish so deep your neighbour can park in your rims. The Ascari dish is just ridiculous! Only problem with the 10" wide rears was that the minute I left styledynamix with these new shoes on I only got 2 mins down Southall High street before looking in my mirrors to see my car was spitting arches!!! Now me being me, I didn’t wanna raise the car. After all, here in West London we pride ourselves on lowness. I knew that air ride now was the only way forwards. Not only this, but since the arches were already shot to shit, instead of just repairing them, I wanted them to get slutty and swallow up them 10s up nice on air. The car went to Otis of HW Motors. He heard what I wanted overall and was very much looking forward to getting stuck into a project like this. He rebuilt all 4 arches to marry up with where they would sit on air. This really did make all the difference. Being that the car was in a standard mid blue, I knew that it was in serious need of a colour change. I eventually decided on Tanzinite Blue by Mercedes as it has a real richness and luxurious feel to it. The blue to purple tone in it helps highlight all the extra curves added to the body that otherwise might not be so obvious. The car then went to Ray at rayvern who threw in the air ride but as a 4 way setup and not 2 way as most UK rides are. This greatly increases handling and means you can park up left side down right side up! The ULTRA R8 lights helped modernise the overall look of the car as did the MK V golf gti fogs and surrounds.

Next was to upgrade the ICE in a big way. I have previous had 2 VIBE setups in the car but was now headed for the top of the rage gear. Although ICE is not a big part of the dub scene, I’m oldskool and BIG ICE is still the way forwards as far as I’m concerned. It had to be VIBE BLACK DEATH gear through out for me and nothing else. I went with 4 sets of component speakers (2 in each door), which was all fitted by Ken of AWESOME AUTOMOTIVE who has done an incredible job. There are still 2 Vibe black death carbon coned 15" subs to go in the car which will be placed on the rear parcel shelf for some stupendously loud bass assaults! Again Ken of Awesome Automotive will be undertaking this huge task.

AC unit removed and replaced with an additional 180A alternator (total - 300 amps!)
Alpine DV310 headunit
5 x 6" VEBA headrest monitors
2 x 7" VEVA monitors in boot lid
2 x 15" visor monitors
8" rear view mirror monitors
vibe bass generator (burper)
2 x vibe black death mono amps
4 x vibe black death stero amps
2 x 15" black death carbon fibre coned subs
4 x vibe space component speakers sets (2 sets in each door)
2 x vibe QB7 sets of 6x9s
3 oversized batteries in boot
alpine tv player
8 way video amplifier

all 4 arches extended (but with swages rebuilt to look OEM)
respray in merc tanzinite blue
smoothed rear bumper
colour coded sides and lowers
sport front bumper
MKV golf GTi fog lights
MKV golf GTi fog honeycombe surrounds
scirroco honeycombe mesh lower grill
chomre badgeless grill
debadged all around with rear badge recess filled
Audi R8 style headlights
HID lights in headlights and fogs
lighlty tinted all round
side indicators deleted/smoothed
retrim in flannel grey leather

4 way rayvern air ride
ascari penta 20" wheels (10J rear/9J fronts) with 225/35 and 225/30 stretched tyre setup


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Congrats, nice ride!:thumbup::thumbup:

you should really get that steering wheel fixed, they put it on the wrong side of the car.:lol:

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Holy crap! Why haven't I seen this before! Insane work and a gorgeous car.
Ship that thing to H2O and you'd take the show!


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Funny -- yesterday when I saw Pete's trailer and Jay's post, I thought, "He's gunna be POTM prreeeetty soon" but damn, next day?! Do Work!

Congratulations, that thing is a MONSTER.

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hoowee! That thing is smokin'. Makes me wonder how mine could have ever gotten the same title. A masterpiece.

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I forgot to ask, Pete - any engine mods? do you have any engine bay pix?
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