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Alllllrighty then! It's time for another edition of POTM, and the selection for this month is yet another variant! This time, it's a B5.5 waggie owned by gerwazy. For those of you who don't know Jack (pun intended - most of you don't! ;) ), he can get you pretty much any part you ever wanted for your car; even if you want something rare from Europe, the guy's got the connections!

Congratulations, Jack!

First, I would like to thank everyone who nominated my car. Big thanks to Passat World and all members. Without you my car wouldn’t be where it is today. Also, many thanks to my family for putting up with my “addiction.” As my brother says, “There is a thin line between a hobby and mental illness.” :thumbup:

It all started in August 2003, when I purchased my 2001.5 CPO 1.8T wagon. Looking for Passat stuff, I found club B5. Coming from a VW family, it was a perfect wagon for me and my family. The problem was, I was sharing the car with my wife, so mods were minimal and done undercover (thanks Bell for the suspension install)…

Soon, my VW addiction was passed on to my wife and she purchased a 2007 wagon 2.0T she is totally in love with up to this day. Being freed from sharing, I began modding in full force. Inspiration came from many fellow members here – and my wallet was getting drained pretty fast. Having my roots in Europe, I found sources of some cool and rare upgrades from the motherland, some pretty original.

The car is work in progress, and I look forward to keep adding to it. I am not sure if the end is near…

Body Modifications:
ABT Front Lip Spoiler
Votex Sideskirts
Votex Rear Skirt (thanks honey for bringing it with you on the plane)
JMS Rear Spoiler
Mattig Hatchblend
JDM Stubby Mirrors
Boser Hood (thanks MikeScott)
JOM Bargless Grille (thanks Russ)
Full Set of Euro Rubstrips
Westfalia Hidden Hitch

Lighting Mods:
Euro Light Switch
Euro OEM Hella Bi-Xenons
Euro OEM B5 Hella Half Smoked-Half Red Tail Lights with Rear Fog

Engine Mods:
Speedtuning Chip (thanks Mike for setting up the GB)
Full Supersprint Catback Exhaust
Painted Engine Covers

Interior Mods:
OEM 3 Spoke Steering Wheel
Euro OEM VW MFD Navigation
OEM W8 Overhead Console
OEM Euro Variant Cargo Partition (soon to be completed)
OEM Brushed Trim
Katzkin 2 Tone Leather Interior (all done myself over the winter)

Suspension and Wheels:

Eibach Springs
Koni Sport Shocks
Front and Rear Cross Drilled Zimmerman Rotors
OEM Euro Passat R36 18X8.5 Rims

And… probably more, which I forgot to mention, and many more to come!!!
Please note the car is being daily driven and used to haul my kids, dog and my work related tools and equipment so it is hard to keep it clean.

Thanks all,

murdered out Jetta, er, B5 Passat
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Congratz Jack!!! :O :bowdown: :thumbup: :beer:

I've seen Jack's car on two separate occasions throughout the last few years in person and it is AMAZING!!! :bowdown:

Welcome to the illumni!

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Congrats man... you deserve it. Car is stellar and I love your interior. :thumbup:

Nice to see another waggie win POTM. 2009 must be the year of the waggie. :)

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congratz jack and welcome to the club, still working on the W8 info for ya i will get it to work for you its a mission now.

and Jay is right this dude has the euro hookup any euro part that you can think of this guy can get and if you dont belive me wait to my next package arrives with goodies for my mk3 lots of discontinued parts and very rare items. i dont know how you do it jack and i probably dont wanna know ;)

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Man that is an awesome lookin' waggy......dig the black grill/wheels....totally pulls it off well. Congrats and welcome to the club!!

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