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I have a 2000 Reg (B5) Passat 1.8 Petrol, with the half size MFA screen that displays the distance, ave. distance, mpg, ave. mpg, time.

Now I'm wondering what modifications options there are, specifically I want to know:

1. Can I activate the display of the distance to empty in the MFA?
2. Can I activate the display of the radio station in the MFA?
3. Can I upgrade the MFA to a full height MFA?
4. Can I activate the lighting of the instrument cluster on ignition?
5. Can I activate the digital display of the speed in the MFA?
6. What possible tweaks/mods could I do?

Also how do I enable any of the above?

I'm considering buying a vagtacho if I can enable extra features.

Thanks in advance, ive had a good look around but if anything it has confused me more,
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