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Porsche rims

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Hi Guys

I've been offered a set of 17" Boxster alloys, complete with coloured centre caps, very, very cheap. I know they won't go straight on and I'll have to use adapters but what are the pro's (are there any?) and cons?

The front have offsets of ET 55 and are 7" wide with 205/50/ZR17's. The rears have offsets of ET 50. and are 8.5 inches wide. The rear tyres are 255/40/ZR17's.

Sooo... will they fit under the arches and will the car still drive ok?

I wanted Mille Miglia copies but they don't have them either in the UK or in Italy and can't specify a delivery date - would it be a whole load easier to just hang on and get these?

Any help/info/advice would be much appreciated


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they most definitly require adapters to basicly get rid of such a high offset...

i've seen the 5x100 adapters which basicly change the bolt pattern to a male posts vs. the female ones we have on current VWs.

the 255 tire on the rear would be the correct size.. but the fronts needs to be 225/45/17 since thats the appropriate Over Diameter to keep a balance from front to rear.

i'll see if i can dig up a picture of them on the mkIII i know of... and he had to use 4 front wheels since he couldn't get the 8.5 to fit correctly from the rears.
Here are some 993 wheels on a MKIII for reference purposes. BTW: JROO-VW is correct in that both these cars are running 4 fronts in order to clear the fenders in the rear. The white GTI is running 25MM H&R 4X100 to 5X130 wheel adapters while the black Cabrio is running 25MM H&R 5X100 to 5X130 wheel adapters



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Wow. Talk about ridiculous offsets.
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