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Hi everybody first post but have been reading a lot here.

So as the title says I'm getting this code after putting in a brand new oem replacement turbo.
I broke the T off of the n75 valve when I was talking the old turbo out so I got a new uro parts brand n75 to put in it.

After I got it all back together went for the first test drive and was only able to get 5psi boost and the po299 would set the cel. were as before I did anything it would got to 9/10psi. So instead of ordering another n75 I glued the old one back together(it leaks a little) but I'm able to peak at 13psi and fall back to 9.

So my question, does this sound like a faulty n75? Wrong part # n75? Or something else altogether?

I should add it's a stock 05 passat 1.8t awm 240xxx kms
Thank in advance
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