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Popular Mechanics this month has instructions on the last page for those that don't know what to do if their brakes suddenly failed.

First, they give the usual, sensible advice: pump the brakes, steer smoothly, downshift (they should put this first) and use the e-brake slowly. That's all well and good, and I would think that if used correctly, these things should stop just about anything.

Well, the problem is they didn't stop there. The last tip starts off with:

"If you come up behind another car, use it to help you stop"

Wait, it gets better:
This is an extremely dangerous maneuver
No duh.

It works best if the vehicle in front of you is larger than yours...
Hey, moron, don't try to use that motorcycle as an airbag for your Chevy Behemoth...

You do not want to crash into a much slower-moving or stopped vehicle.
I guess that's true...

However, you may have no choice
So, instead of doing a controlled stop, with or without a crash landing, some moron is going to take both me and him out in a blaze of glory? I would be most displeased.

I haven't read something so stupid and irresponsible in a while.

What do you think?

Lisa Simpson
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Well, being faced with an snowed over sheet of ice this morning that sent me careening into an intersection, I had the choice of let the A6 rear end me, or try to speed up and get the hell out of the way. He was pissed as shit, but I bet he would have been madder if he had t-boned me.

So, I would say, given a choice of hit a pole or hit a car, it is safer to hit the car.

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This would also depends on where this would happen. If your going down a hill then I could see this as an option, especially if coing to a busy intersection.
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