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Please help... Stealership problem! GRRRRR

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Ok so last week my MIL light came on.. I was driving near the stealership and figured I might as well stop by see if they have the time to check it out for me.. but if not, book an appointment…. So today was my appointment.. (my MIL light went off mid Saturday) so I figured I better still come in and check what’s going on with my car…

So the service tech comes up to me and is like your car is ready.. Im like ok good, he sliek BUT do uw ant the good news, or the bad? Im like well how bout u give me both.. hes like ok the good news is theres nothing wrong *im like HUH? Hows there bad news then?* hes like well when we VAG’d your car, we notice a lot of codes popped up.. im like ok well…..?
Hes like its ok we just reset the ECU and they are gone, your cars fine now.. im like ok well can I get a copy of the codes that came up? *he hesitates and im like well? I want them so I know what the problem was..*

So he finally gives me a copy.. TWO PAGES LONG! I was like WOAH WTF????

Heres what I got…

"Vehicle System:

Interrogate fault Memory:
10 Fault detected

17833 P1425 002
Evaporative Emmisions (EVAP) Canister Purge Regulator
Valve –N80- Short Circuit to ground (GND)

17955 P1547 002
Turbo/Super charger Wastegate Solenoid (A)
Low Input/Short to ground

17525 P1117 002
HO2S Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

17843 P1435 002
Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Pump Relay –J299-
Short circuit to ground (GND)

17829 P1421 002
Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Solenoid Valve –N112-
Short circuit to ground (GND)

17697 P1289 002
Recirculating valve for turbocharger –N249-
Short to ground (GND)

17881 P1473 004
Leak diagnosis pump – tank breather system
Open circuit

17522 P1114 002
Bank 1, sensor 2
Internal resistance too large

17523 P1115 002
HO2S Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

16486 P0102 002
Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit
Low Input

im gonna go to another dealership.. im sick of these guys.. :mad:

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Need to check my Bentley, but this sounds like you have a loose ground screw somewhere in the engine bay, or went through a *really* deep puddle sometime recently. IIRC, just about everything you mentioned has some part of it's system on the passenger side of the engine bay.

What year/engine/code do you have??

This looks legit - it's not the dealer's fault your ecu had 10 fault codes. They clear codes as part of the diagnosis to see if they return, or were truly "sporadic". The vag-com printout from the initial read is standard (according to bentley). I'm not sure I follow what the dealer did wrong - so far this sounds better than average. Some dealers would be trying to sell you a new MAF, Turbo, and Cat right now.
i know its not thier fault the the codes are up.. its just im sick of little things they do and how they conduct thier services.. (very rude).. im just sick of these guys..

but from what ive found out, its most likely the MAF..
MAF causes all that? Keep us updated, I'm curious...
I'm in agreement with pete1. Sounds like you've got an electrical gremlin. I'd double-check your grounding and make sure that you aren't getting significant water in the passenger side of the engine bay before I'd go and spend $100's on a new MAF. May want to look for any significant corrosion.

Too bad the car can't log dates/times that events occured like a computer... :(
NotAPreppie said:
Too bad the car can't log dates/times that events occured like a computer... :(
Yeah, that bugs me too. At least first time / last time / count, if not a full log.
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