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Please help me find why I have no boost..

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For some reason all of a sudden I have no boost.. Its so bad that in 3rd gear with my foot flat the car won't really accelerate at all and it takes ages to reach even 4k rpm..

Its a 2001 DBW and is stock.. No chips or boost controllers or anything.. The only thing I have changed about a year ago is the DV with the 710N..

I have a suspision that the turbo is siezed or somthing nasty like that because I can't hear it spinning up anymore.. It has been making a whinning sound for the last few months, worst when cold, and has been using oil which the garage said was the turbo seals but that it should be OK for a little longe and I must just keep the oil topped up.. I didn't want to spend the money on a new turbo right now..

Unfortunately I have no boost gauge or Vag-Com

Are there any quick ways to test if the turbo is even working withough having to get the whole airbox out etc to try turn the compressor wheel?

How can I test the N75 and the wastegate actuator to see if perhaps the wastegate is staying open? (although this probably would cause it to run like a normally aspirated 1.8 but mine is running like it has a 0.8)

How can I test the DV isn't stuck open? (which would obviously cause there to be no boost but I would probably still hear the turbo spinning up)

Anything else I should check?

Thanks in advance..
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Well we foind the problem.. The turbo had seized.. Anyway, put a new one in and things are back to normal.. Just hope it solves my oil usage problem as well..
OUCH. That's not good. I hope it didn't spray iron filings all over the inside of your engine's lubrication system.

Install a boost gauge and an oil pressure gauge as soon as you can, so you have visual confirmation that you don't have any air pressure leaks and that your oil pump is working right.

You're using synthetic oil, right?
Anything's possible. How many miles on it? Like previous post asked, have you been using synthetic, and the correct OCI?

I had a Volvo Turbo (back in '84) which was oil cooled only. Turbo seized at 130k miles. I added some Marvel Mystery Oil and it un-seized, then the oil seals blew and dumped oil into the exhaust. Great smokescreen until pulled over, like a WWII Destroyer!

On these, the oil seals usually go before the turbo will seize, but oil sludge / starvation is possible cause.
Passit + Since you brought it up, what's the verdict on MMO? Do you consider it useful or not?
My car has 121k miles on it and we suspected the turbo was starting to go because it was making a whining sound, especially when cold.. I also had a bit of smoking when it was left to idle and when just started after being parked for a short time which we suspected was the turbo seals going..

The good news is that the boost is healthy now and so is the sound its making but the smokeing problem is still there so I guess it wasn't the turbo seals going..

That now leaves me with a problem of trying to work out where the hell the oil is getting into the engine.. I pulled the pipe off the throttle body and there is a lot of oil there but have been told its normal.. Not sure where to look next..

Oh, and yes I do run synthetic.. Was the first thing I did when I got the car at 95k miles..

If anyone has any ideas on where the oil burning could be coming from I would like to hear them..
Would over filled oil cause there to be smoke?
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