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Specs - 2008 Passat 2.0 TSI CCT - Chain driven 129,163 miles

Thank you for your time!

It started on a Friday when my wife was driving home. She said it just quit running. So I was thinking, out of gas? She said it was full. She told me
the engine would turn over and it seems like it was trying to fire put would not keep running. Well she was right! It just sounded like a old carburetor spinning over and almost starting. I had to push it off the street. I had a code tester not fancy but it does do some good I guess - it said P2015 & P2239. I clear them for the time being.

Still did not start same thing spin over and sounded like it would start. I sat for about 30 minutes and hit the key and it fired right up running smooth. So I took off hoping I could make it home - ran perfect. Home was about 15 miles and 10 of it highway. Made it!

I did not know what to think - I killed it - it started back up - no problem.

The next day I had do go to a funeral, would I make it? Yes I did it was about 12 miles no problems - ran perfect.

BUT on the way home almost home it quit. It did the same thing it did on Friday. I could not get it to run So I got a friend (wife) to take me home.
I went back about 4 hours later, it did not want to crank, but I keep trying and it kicked off and I took off. made it about 3 miles - all highway.

The next day I was to go on a vacation - (took my 2003 Passat) I'm back now wondering what to do!!

I do have some experience with VW's but the new ones well you know...

I have spent hours researching and trying to come up with an answer . Not sure if it's a fuel problem or a electric.

Does anyone have any ideals what this could be?

any tips would be very much appreciated.

Thank you
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