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does anybody have any b5 or b5.5 stock rims that they would like to get rid of, i'd b happy to get them for my b5, theere better then plastics, i'll defiently put money down, thanks
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i have a set of 5 b5 alloy wheels; tires are yokohamas 15,000 mile old. How much you want to pay for them? just make me an offer
Where do you live?
I have a brand new set of 15" alloys from my B5.5 (no tires, just rims)

Jimmy :)
We've got an almost new set of Bridgestone RE950's 225/50/16 on the OEM 16" Road Americas.

My wife's been asking why we still need them as they are taking up room in the garage. Let me see if she still wants to get rid of them.

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