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"Plan B" Racecar for season opener

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The Audi Car Club Chicago Chapter first autoX of the season is next Saturday at The Tire Rack test track. My Passat winter build is NOT DONE! :cry:

I just registered my 2000 Grand Cherokee. I guess I've finally made the jump to AWD, but not the normal way. :rolleyes: It'll still be fun and a challenge. :driving:
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That'll be fun haha. I've always wanted to try out autocross. Wish I could join ya :p
they let you take an SUV? the bmw club wouldnt let that fly...
From the website...
This event is open to all street legal and safe vehicles.
ACCCC | Audi Car Club Chicagoland Chapter

I'll have to keep aware of body roll and rollover potential. Other than that, it's just like beating on a truck.
I've always wanted to try out autocross.
Do some internet searches for autocross in your area. Many car clubs welcome outsiders because it makes the event bigger and helps generate revenue. I recommend it for everyone. You don't need a tricked out race car and you don't need to beat your car within an inch of its life.
I foresee 50psi in those tires.
I'm pretty sure I managed Slowest Time of the Day. :)

I didn't even look at the pressures. I just ran them as they came out of the service area. I couldn't push them at all because they were so freshly mounted the rim/bead was still wet. I just focused on choosing good lines and smooth control. After lunch, enough time went by that I pushed on them some, but I didn't want to go too hard. It was a fun day.

The wheel weights they stuck on the inside of the rims were ever-so-slightly brushing the front calipers as they went around. I was getting a scrape, scrape, scrape sound with the wheels rotating. While poking around trying to figure out the source of that noise I discovered excess play in the drivers side TRE. :hmmm: It's always something.

When I got home I replaced the TRE and took an angle grinder to the front calipers. I took just a touch off the surface where the weights were touching. Much mo betta' now. Next up is a visit to a Firestone service center to take advantage of the lifetime alignment. :thumbup:
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