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Hey guys. :)

Anyone know of a local shop that's decent? That will, i.e. cut the flange off my exhaust manifold and weld on a new flange? Or that has an engine hoist that I can borrow for an engine swap? Or maybe have a mandrel bender to route some intercooler piping? :suspicio:

I know there's a ton of places that'll weld my stuff around here (it is the steel city afterall), but can they weld it while aligning my downpipe to my cat and making sure that it clears my steering u-joint? :oops:
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Hey Stealth, try JR's Waterworks, 724-266-9394. He can do it all. Also, his web page is

Check him out.

Looks like his website is down right now, but try giving him a call on Monday. He gets in around 8:00 AM. Tell him Kris Hendricks sent you.
Blah. I used to take my car to Day just for basic stuff and they sucked. Glad I have real shops here in Columbus now.
Espaz, you really didn't enjoy any of your time here, did you? I'm beginning to wonder if you weren't actually incarcerated here! :lol: :wink:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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