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Pictures from Southern Worthersee

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From Southern Worthersee 07
Hosted by H2OTuning out of Alabama

Instead of clogging up the computers that do this Ill just post the links

The first one is mine, then the others are from fellow DurtyDubers: 07/ Worthersee 5-12-07/

Ill post up some more if I find them
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Looks like a blast....nice pics and rides :thumbup:
yeah should be bigger next year, this was it's first year. Farthest person was from Penn.

And the burgandy 2door Jetta MK1 was the best of show
I wanted to go.....:( hope they make it a different weekend next year...
Sweet rides...the kid taking a piss behind his Jetta was very classy. j/k :D :D

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Great pics , looks like you had fun ..
Elvir is crazy, if you met him you'd understand. Plus he's bosinian. But his jetta is pretty nice, even though I don't like hardly any jetta's
But yeah his grill fell out the day before our last show and his other still hasn't arrived

There were 2 other passats...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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