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To remember:

I´ve got two further mods running :lol:
Stay tuned.........:wrench:

Statement before doing my glovebox-mod.

This guy

says:"Two minus one is : one"

So i did a phone call today, to ask how the state of my owing topping (for the remaining mod) is.

Part can be picked up on Monday
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Please excuse my tardiness.
Let me begin with the former mentioned topping.
It began with a piece of alloy which i turned to a disc (d=85mm, t=5mm)

This part was given to an engraver with a sticker as a master.
The engraved areas were painted black:

This black/matte alloy wasn´t the right look.
So i decided to repaint the black areas with "R"- Line blue, and to polish the surface to a high-gloss finish.

The whole thing is the topping of my engine cover.

Former look:

New look:

You think, that it was all :lol:??
One of my co-workers wanted to razz me a bit about my LED bricolage.
So i pimped up my badge a little bit.

Step 1:

Marking a piece of acrylic glass

Step 2:

slotted,equiped with LED´s and casted with polyester resin:

Step 3:

Underpart with studscrews and 3M tape (mid/White area) and Armaflex tape to avoid scratches:

Step 4:

Installed and switched with an auto-levelling switch, working when opening the bonnet:

What do you think?

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Excuse me for replying so late.
Shame on German Telecom.They needed 6 days to get my DSL fixed.

@all:thx for your friendly replies
@coltriot:I´m living in Northrine-Westphalia
@likes2Lboard: Not yet, you are invited to nominate me ;)

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