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PIC REQUEST: B5.5 Variant CCM Board (1C0 959 799 C)

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Hi Guys,

I need a high res pic of the circuit board in a CCM specifically from a B5.5 Variant, US model. Can anyone help me out?

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Still looking for this, if anyone can help me out that would be great!
Just found this thread while searching for a fix for my wife's Passat.

Are you still looking for a picture? I've got a couple laying around I'd be glad to snap pictures of for you
Would love to have it! Would you be willing to part with one of them, if it's a 1C0 CCM from a wagon!

This is the bad 1C0 I took out of my wagon as referenced in my other thread. It looks fine, I can't tell what went wrong with it. But it doesn't work, and the new one does... So I dunno.

I'm not sure if I want to part with it yet, like I said in my CCM thread, if I can't get a VAG-COM, or if re-coding it to a wagon via VAG-COM doesn't work, I want to try to swap the relay for the trunk switch, if I can find out which one it is.

If you need higher-res pics, let me know.
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Thanks for the pics. Would you mind emailing the originals to me? If you click on my user name to the top left, you can email me from there. I'm wanting to compare the boards to make sure that the hardware is indeed the same for the wagon and sedan, which I've been told is the case.

I highly doubt that swapping the relays will do anything. AFAIK, the hardware is identical, and the difference is simply in the programming, as indicated by the "color code". The primary p/n dictates the hardware, and the color code indicates the software.
Thanks for the pics! Have a look at your CCM thread- I think I have some of the info that you need...
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