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Phatbox question

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I am on the verge of getting a phatbox for my sled. I read on the phatnoise website that you are unable to play downloaded songs from sites such as napster/cdbuy/ and others. Is this true? I have since stopped downloading stuff but my collection has alot of stuff that was downloaded. Can someone speak to this?
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I don't have any experience with paid on-line music like iTunes or Napster so I can't really say that it will work on the PB. However, if you downloaded them from kazaa or the old napster, you will have no problem playing them.
Music that you buy and download I believe have an encryption algorithm that will only allow you to play the file on certain players. You can remove the algorithm by re-recording the music. It'll play on your PB then.
cheers :beer:
Phatbox can play MP3's but not MP4 (AAC) format.
its also on GB from Autobarn mt Prospect for 360 shipped! 1-847-392-6300 to order
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