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Hey guys, bit of a tricky one here! going to try explain in as best detail as i can!.

2007 b6 passat, pd 170 engine, saloon.
stage 1 remap, dpf and egr delete

after experiencing some running issues, i took the car to my local garage and the problem was found and repaired.
  1. Cam sensor replaced
  2. Rear fuel pump replaced
  3. full service
  4. Egr stuck open, blank plate applied
Car ran amazing for 2 days commuting to work.

woke up the following morning, started the car and then came a really high pitched whine in sync with the rpm from idle all the way up through the revs.

Here is what the mechanic tested and is not the problem
  1. Cam belt tension
  2. All tensioners
  3. aux belt, still makes sound with it off
  4. turbo
  5. all cam belt area bearings
After those tests, we discovered the noise is coming from the bottom end, inside the engine.

sounded like possible oil pump, replaced with a whole new unit and the noise is still there.

3 mechanics have looked at it and all have failed to find the issue.

when i looked last night, i noticed there is a lot of gases escaping from the oil filler hole when you tske the cap off. if you rest the cap on the hole and run the engine, the cap bounces around like crazy indicating too alot of pressure or gases escaping to there?

any advice would be massively apreciated. please do not get distracted thinking it is top end or turbo because that has been ruled out by 2 mechanics.

image of something found in the sump, maybe unrelated?
Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Grey Gas

video link of the noise: click to view video

funnily the car is actually running the best it ever has been, full power and has plently of torque. no tapping or knocking.

im completely stumped, any help would be amazing right now!
only option ive been given is a new engine which is not ideal.
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