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Is there such a thing? And if not, wouldn't it be cool to have a central repository for a weekly podcast covering basic stuff like oil changes, general VW news, even more advanced stuff like TB changes or Tiptronic tranny service?

I think it would rule to have what would essentially be a video-on-demand service for PW members. We could have short, to-the-point video tutorials showing exactly what to look for or expect when tackling big maintenance jobs for the first time. And for those with laptops in the garage or even iPod videos, the info would right there with them.

I'm in SoCal and can shoot stills, video, whatever. I can even donate some time to edit, produce or compress finished audio or video spots. There could be a central email address where people could let the podcast producer(s) know when they'd be doing certain projects (TB change, etc.). The podcast producer would then schedule a photographer or videographer to be at their location.

Perhaps this is all too much and a potential logistics nightmare. However, I do think I'd like to try this on at least a personal level. Trouble is, I've already done most of the work I'd love to see in a podcast (axles replaced, TB change, transmission service, throttle body cleaning, PCV system, spark plugs, power steering flush, accessory belts, water pump, brakes, the list goes on...).

What do you guys think? Are you the type to share your wealth of Passat knowledge in a 21st century kind of way, or do you prefer to go it alone? Moderators, sorry if this isn't the proper forum. Wasn't sure where to put this.
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