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Hey guys im a new member and excited to get started i love my 1.8 turbo b5.5 awm 2005 but when im not working on cars ill peep my head under the hood and something is always in the process of breaking or is brokem.. Currently the cv axle boot is completely torn off and now im getting a cel for po171 and the cars been very sluggish i did notice a tear in the turbo intake hose the part that is clamped over the inlet could that cause the code and the performance also acceleration issues? Also have a purge evap code thats very annoying po441 that comes on once a week and i just erase it i need some help here whst do i need to do to figure out the po171 code? Thanks everyone. Im excited to start posting -Brandon -2005 vw passat b5.5 awm 1.8
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