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Hi everyone, I was driving home and I did heard the beep about check coolant level....So I get home no noise nothing and I did stop the car, next I did try to start the car and immediately a noisy beep and messager on the dashboard STOP check coolant level, so Yes no coolant because radiator has a leak, so I ordered new one I did the job (I'm not going to comment anything about the Germany engineers..:banghead:).
I fill the tank with G12 coolant that I get online. So I did try to start the car and my passat won't crank no start.
I check fuses and a lot of them don't have electricity on both connector, so I thought it could be a I get the Hynes manual to figure which relay could be.....OMG relays are under the dashboard....:banghead:
anyway anyone can helpme out, is there a reset or immobilizer or something to be changed in order to get back my passat 2001? or just need to call a Junk cars guy.
Thanks in advance.
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