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Passat of the Month - November 2006
Pat (ONE8T)
Macedonia, Ohio USA

2001 Black 1.8T 5 Speed


K04-015 turbocharger
GIAC programming - chk01a (K04 program for 2001.5 Audi A4) & bqk05a files
Custom MAF housing (designed & made by yours truly)
315cc injectors – Bosch – Ford Motorsport redtops
ECS Tuning Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
GFB plumbback diverter valve relocated to the hard pipe between FMIC & throttle body
NewSouthPerformance intake manifold gasket
NGK BKR7E copper plugs, .028 gap in summer, BKR6E coppers @ .028 winter
3 bar Bosch boost sensor (eliminates overboost codes, throttle cut & limp)
"H" N75 valve
N249 eliminated
ECS Tuning lightweight/underdriven crank pulley
True Flow Foam Air Filter
ATP cat delete pipe
Techtonics downpipe
Techtonics 2.5" exhaust with Borla muffler & straight tip


EvoGrill with integrated ram for intake
1.8T and K04 badging
Sharan stubby antenna
Audi 5 spoke 16" wheels
Michelin Pilot A/S 225/50/16
Zender pedals
UUC short shift kit
Single column pod with VSO vacuum/25 psi boost gauge


H&R springs
Bilstein shocks/struts
AWE drivetrain stabilizer
P&P upper strut tie bar
Front Brakes
Zimmerman drilled front rotors
Mintex red pads
Rear Brakes
ATE solid discs
PBR metal master pads

Never thought I’d be included as a POTM with so few cosmetic mods – wheels, stubby antenna and evogril! I think it says a lot about the PW community. Thank you to the mods for the recognition.

My current vehicle at 104,000 miles is the last in a series of three B5 Passats I’ve owned and reflects the collected mods and experience from the others. At the point I’m at, I thoroughly enjoy driving a sleeper with roughly stock S4 power. I really doubt I’ll ever sell the car since it would bring so little in its current state of modification. Like many people on PW, my first dealings with a Passat was as a sensible, family car. We bought a 1999 variant in 1998 as my wife’s vehicle and we kept it for four years until we broke down and got a Honda Pilot. That car was a 1.8T tiptronic, no mods, and gave us four years of trouble free performance. In early 2001, I bought my first sedan, 2001, dark green GLS 1.8T 5 speed. New off the lot during the phase they were trying to unload the old body style 2001’s since they had the 2001.5’s already being delivered. I wasn’t even shopping for a car, but I left my modified Contour at the dealer and showed up at home with the new wheels. Got Techtonics exhaust and GIAC chip within 60 days of purchase and the whole process was started.

Fast forward two years and many mods, I totaled the green beauty when I rear ended somebody. Good news was I didn’t have a scratch on me, just a small airbag burn on my hand. Took a few weeks to add up the damage, but Allstate totaled it. I had already located a nearly perfect replacement for sale by a young doctor who was upgrading. Had less miles than mine, 25K vs 34K if I recall, same engine/ecu code and perfect maintenance history with all synthetic changes. All that was left was having Euro Car Service (ECS Tuning) do a transplant of my suspension, exhaust and wheels before I had to turn the old car over to Allstate for salvage. Few other odds and ends as well like the ecu! Cost a few bucks but all went well and I was back on the road with a shiny black B5.

Caught my second wind and had the K04 installed in mid 2003 with updated GIAC software. Not an easy task since AWE initially insisted they had no software for my engine/ecu code. Ever since the original install I’ve played with several GIAC programs, injectors, component replacements (N75, boost sensor, N249) along with tuning parameters via Lemmiwinks to get what I feel is a near perfect tune. Along the way I’ve fabricated several parts (maf housings, DV connections, vagcom cables) to make my life a little easier or out of necessity. Most major recent mod was the DIY FMIC in the summer of 2005. Bought a collection of pieces, some of which were on a Kinetic Motorsport car for a period of time, but the last B5 they were on was a BT car, so the cold side pipes were no help to me. Also, the core itself wasn’t the original Kinetic unit, but a very nice unit modeled to the same size. The fit and install was classic driveway diy, including sawzall, cutoff saw, marine exhaust hose and an aluminum welder with no teeth and some scary looking dogs. It’s really a thrill cutting up perfectly good car parts with power tools! Next on the list is the install of a Snow Performance water/meth injection system using a maf controller.

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thanks for the link. I love what you have done with the car. Good solid numbers. Very similar what i had in mine for my jetta before i got the b5.5.

Especially great for a car that would fool people at first glance. Sleeeper > *
I like it. thanks for sharing your component buildup and numbers.

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idk how some of these POTM's get picked......but still, Congrats
It's all explained here: How to be Considered for POTM

Your attitude guarantees that you'll never be POTM. Your attitude also tells me that you are most certainly not "Authentic" - maybe "Posercustomz" would be a more realistic screen name for you? Pat's car is the real deal, and he has helped a lot of other cars be the real deal. You can't hold a candle to that.

If you feel the need, you may respond to me via PM. But if you sully this thread anymore, you're gone. We neither need nor want people like you on this forum. And Larry, maybe I'm misreading you, but your response wasn't much better. Shame on you.


Thanks, Pat, for all your contributions to this forum, and for showing us how to superbly tune a Passat! :thumbup: :thumbup: :salute: :bowdown:
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