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Once in a while, we get a member here who takes to heart that community is what it's all about. They donate their time, patience (lots of it!) and troubleshooting skills to help other members work through whatever problem comes along. Sure, Passats are different cars - and knowing a little something about cars in the first place really helps - but without helpful members here, many of us would be royally screwed. This month, we're headed to the Windy City. Steve has been an incredible resource almost from the moment he got here.

Ladies and Gents, I give you POTM for March, 2011 - Steve in Chicago!

All I can say is… Thanks! PassatWorld is a great forum on account of the great people that make it up. I feel honored to be invited to share my story with this community.

I grew up with an interest in mechanical/electrical/technical things and when I was old enough to drive, I naturally became somewhat of a gear-head. I hung out with other gear-heads and we spent countless hours driving and wrenching on cars. Fast cars, old cars, beaters, four wheelers, it didn’t matter. An automobile enthusiast can find good times with just about any type of vehicle.

As time went by, I got myself in trouble too many times and lost my driving privileges (revoked). I was working and living downtown and simply stopped driving.

After many years away from automotives, I made a decision to get back to the thing I had always loved. It cost me more time, money and patience than you would imagine, but I did it. (Rumor has it, I had to promise the Governor that I would never date any of his daughters!)

As this process played out, I had to get a car, any car, so that I could drive under supervision for a period of time to prove myself reformed. A friend suggested a mechanic he trusted, so I went to see what he had for sale to serve as an affordable temporary car. I don’t even remember what he had there, other than the car I ended up buying: a 1999 Colorado Red Volkswagen Passat GLS 1.8t AEB 5-speed manual @ 140,000 miles.

The P.O. had suffered a timing belt failure and lunched the head. The mechanic bolted on an ATW head, did a timing belt job, and turned the car over for $2,000.

At this point I knew nothing about Passats. Then I found PassatWorld and my eyes were opened. If it wasn’t for this forum, I probably never would have known about or explored the modification potential these cars afford. (ECS Tuning is also partially to blame).

My first mods were an Alientech window controller, badgeless grill, Boost gauge, Hella Projector HID’s, euro switch, 5-brake-light mod, WheelSkins leather two tone steering wheel cover and matching shift boot and a set of ASA AR1 18” rims with ContiSport Contact II 225/40ZR18 tires.

The current list of mods now includes…

All bulbs in taillights upgraded to higher output bulbs
Clear fender/side markers
Clear corner lights
Turn signal/side marker/parking lights modification
Osram/Sylvania Silver Star (clear/amber) front corner turn/parking bulbs
City Lights added to the Parking Light circuit
Disabled DRL
Piaa X-treme White wedge city light bulbs
Piaa X-treme White Plus H7 high beam bulbs
W8 domelight/sunroof control w/ ambient lighting
Ambient light LED’s in Interior door handle cups
Euro-spec blue tint, aspherical w/ blind spot split, heated side mirrors
NewSouth indigo vac/boost gauge in 42DD A-pillar pod
NewSouth indigo Oil Pressure gauge in steering column pod
APR 1.0 bar chipped ECM
3” COAM to stock air-box
Techtonics stainless cat-back 2.5" exhaust
Bailey Motorsport diverter valve
Front Mount Intercooler
ICM Delete mod w/ Hitachi E revision coil packs
Under hood fuel pressure gauge
ECS adjustable fuel pressure regulator
SouthBend stage 3 clutch w/ single mass flywheel
JHMotorsports solid shifter linkage
JHMotorsports delrin shifter stabilizer bushings
RS motor mounts
RS transmission mounts
AWE Drive Train Stabilizer bar
A6 upper strut tower tie-bar
APR snub mount
Raxles Axles
R-Line badge added to front grill
De-badged trunk lid (except for the VW logo in the center)
Black Plasticoat VW logo on trunk lid
Audi S4 leather three spoke steering wheel & airbag
Skoda Superb leather shift knob and boot
Front bumper extensions/air dams
Black euro rub strips (front, sides & rear)
Shine Racing Service rear anti-roll bar
OEM heated seats & controls
OEM wood dash & door trim
PhatNoise PhatBox 40 gig digital music system
Shark fin roof antenna

As I type, the car is up at Dubwerks getting another slew of goodies added.

ECS Big Brakes with Porsche calipers
Shine Racing springs and Bilstein shocks
G-Pop Shop K03/04 hybrid turbo
GIAC PC-16 file
FrankenTurbo high flow exhaust manifold
034 Motorsport Phenolic intake manifold spacer
Genesis 315cc/min fuel injectors
Hollowed-out CAT with 42DD O2 spacer
Oil pump & pickup, turbo oil feed & return lines, oil cooler
Coolant expansion tank
Rebuilt AEB head
Quaife ATB differential
Audi 17” sport rims with Continental Extreme Contact DW summer tires

Future mods waiting to go on…

Two tone interior with grey leather door skins and center console
.:R logo center caps
Auto dimming rear view mirror with ambient lights
Votex side skirts

Future mods waiting to be researched and bought
Water/meth injection
Bodywork and paint
Sound system

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several people from this forum. I try to make as many get-togethers and cruises as I can. It’s the automotive enthusiast community that makes these pursuits so enjoyable. Thanks everyone, for being the awesome people that you are.

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Congrats Steve!! Welcome to the club. Can't wait to see all of the goodies.

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congats man! smooth looking passat there. lots of goodies too. thanks for helping us out. enjoy the month :thumbup:

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Congrats. Great to see someone from the "Garage" win.
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